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A little bit about me...

Tayla Orr

I sold my soul to advertising when I was 8 years old. I came home from school and told my mum I wanted to make ads like on the TV.  

She gave me a book where I would create all kinds of ads - although not very good ones. But my destiny was truly set when I was accepted to study Advertising at RMIT.


During my time at University, I had the opportunity to work on campaigns for the Red Cross and 7-Eleven. I polished my Adobe skills as an Art Director creating social media content for Aussie Dog Products.


In 2022, I completed AWARD School where I learnt the art of the craft at Ogilvy and Dig Agency and finished with work on the wall.

15 years after 8-year old Tayla sealed her fate, I finally started making real ads at The Brand Agency working across the Bunnings account.

In my spare time, I love taking photos and collecting vinyls.

I believe my passion for photography and 70's/80’s music has helped shape me into the creative I am today. 

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