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'Grandma Approved'



7-Eleven requested a solution to help promote their new 'Food On The Go Range'.

In the process, demonstrating their new ranges value by making 7-Eleven a priority and top choice when consumers need a quick bite to eat. 


There is a negative stigma associated with convenience store food that reinforces a lack of trust between the consumer and product.


To combat a lack of trust, we know there's no ones opinion that's better trusted than your Grandma. Thus the 7 Eleven "Grandmas" will endorse (based on their high food standards) - the Food On-The-Go Range through sweet and caring content sharing.

This is demonstrated through choosing a roster of diverse, hilarious and most importantly wholesome Grandmas to run the 7-Eleven socials. They'll work in collaboration with the marketing team to create Instagram/TikTok content and to engage with the

7-Eleven audience.

The feed has intentionally been kept looking "messy". This not only breaks away from carefully curated brand feeds but further ties into the idea of the socials being run by 'technically-challenged' Grandmas.

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