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Australians know how important it is to donate blood yet they know little about Plasma and just how life changing one donation can be. Plasma can be used for over 18 life-giving ways but it only lasts for two weeks. The Red Cross wants to drive donations and awareness by educating and targeting young Australian men to donate Plasma.


Target young men and encourage them to donate plasma due to the lack of donations in comparison to blood donations.

Target Audience:

25-35 Year Old Young Men who grew up playing classic video games.

The main idea behind this brief was to replicate the look and tone of a "classic" video game - similar to PacMan, Asteroids etc. The campaign was designed to create nostalgia and to relate to the target audience by creating a character they could root for and resonate with - Plasma Man.

His character was then further developed and made into a very simple video game. A game which only take 45 minutes to complete - the same amount of time it takes to donate Plasma. 

Users can download the game just before their appointment. They play as Plasma Man - a simple character with no special/superhero abilities. He's completely normal except he has the ability to change lives through donating Plasma. 

The Character resembles a full drop of Plasma, represented through the bright yellow. He walks along a hallway through the game and comes along other 'half-empty' characters and helps fill them up to get them back to full health. Along the way he learns tips about what his Plasma can do. 

Upon completion of the game, after the 45 minutes - Users are offered a unique QR code to have lunch on us!

Plasma Man

Plasma Man

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